Sitka Fellows Profile - Rachel Baxter

  • Posted on: 20 August 2014
  • By: admin

Rachel Baxter grew up looking through boxes of photos taken in Sitka. Her aunt and uncle lived here as she was growing up, and Rachel has had people telling her "you have to get to Sitka" as far back as she can remember. Finally here as part of the Sitka Fellows Program, Baxter is spending seven weeks in Sitka this summer developing her craft as a mixed media artist and experimental printmaker. On Wednesday night at 7:30pm, Rachel will lead a hands-on workshop about experimental drawing in room 105 of the Yaw Arts Center on Sheldon Jackson Campus. The workshop, which requires no previous experience, will focus in particular on fumage, a surrealist technique that makes use of soot from a flame while forcing a surrender of precise control from the makers.

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