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Every day we’re subjected to a chorus of despair and hopelessness. Scientists relegated to the sidelines warn of an escalating environmental disaster while our economic and industrial leaders bring us ever deeper into debt. Trust in government and in mass-media are both at all-time lows, and a young generation is coming of age in uncertain times.
And yet . . .
And yet every day, in towns and cities large and small, people are transforming their communities and improving the lives of those around them. From solar-powered pickle-makers to collaborative community makerspaces, from alternative energy cooperatives to after-school writing programs, from native activists to artist collectives to prisoner advocates, from local investment networks to organic farm associations, people are rejecting despondency in favor of action and change.
We gather for the 30th Anniversary of the first Sitka Symposium to investigate the transformative changes that creative individuals have brought and can bring to their communities in the spirit of collaboration and resilience. The week’s discussions will be guided by a guest faculty of four authors and artists who live their craft and use it to catalyze the hopeful and positive movements they are part of. They’ll be joined throughout the week by other writers, artists, community builders, and creative practitioners.
Marking the return of the Sitka Symposium after a five year hiatus, the events of the week will re-affirm our belief in the power of stories and the written word. They will also highlight the importance of moving from idea to action. We welcome a wide range experience and perspectives and invite you to join us.

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Symposium Schedule

Sunday, July 20th:
1-5pm: A tour of the Sheldon Jackson Campus, including visits to the Sheldon Jackson Museum and the Sitka Sound Science Center. 
7-9pm: TEDxSitka - All Symposium registrants are invited to attend TEDx Sitka event, which will feature talks by Alan Weisman, Luis Urrea, and Winona LaDuke, alongside other presenters. 

8-9am: Breakfast at the Sweetland Dining Hall
9-11am: Morning faculty talks and full-group discussions